Debbie L Davis songs recorded by artists:

Burden Lifter (Written w/ Karen Gillespie)

Steve Hess & Southern Salvation - 2020

Because He Loves You (Written w/Bernadette Negus & Gene Ezell)

Brenda Denney (Soloist)

Raining Down On Me (Written w/ Bernadette Negus)

The Hootens - 2020

I'm Going Forth (Written w/ Beth Pless)

The Hootens - 2020

Just Go On (Written w/ Bernadette Negus)

The Hootens - 2020

This Legacy (Written w/ Barbara Lister Williams)

The Hootens - 2020

Look What He's Done (Written w/ Dale Spencer)

The Hootens - 2020

A Shakin' And A Rattlin' (Written w/ Bernadette Negus)

Ascension Quartet - 2020

That's Who He Is To Me (Written w/ Laura Blankenship)

Ascension Quartet - 2020

Caught Up And Carried Away

Ascension Quartet - 2020

You Matter To Him (written w/ Gene Ezell)

 Living Faith - 2020


Prayin' While I'm Waitin' (Written w/ Rebecca Peck)

Real Truth Revival - 2019

Big Or Small - (Written w/ Regina Walden & Chris Binion)

Jay Stone Singers - 2019

Daughter Of The King (Written w/ Laura Blankenship)

Chelsea Estes - 2019

All Is Calm (Written w/ Bernadette Negus)

 Wilmington Celebration Choir - 2019

Wise Enough  (Written w/ Bernadette Negus & Laura Blankenship)

Wilmington Celebration Choir - 2019

Just Maybe (Written w/ Laura Blankenship)

Austin + Amber - 2019

Burden Lifter (written w/ Karen Gillespie)

Joyful Hearts Trio - 2019

I See Jesus (written with Bernadette Negus)

Living Faith - 2018

He Restores

The Griffith Family - 2016 & 2018

Caught Up And Carried Away

Perkins Revival - 2016

Because Of Grace

Terry Campbell - 2016

Holy Rain Come Down (Written w/ Matthew Lawson)

Won Life Quartet - 2016

Debbie's songs recorded by Full Life Trio:

A Celebration

Already Be Ready

By My Side

Child Like Faith

Dusty Road


He Does

He's Still In The Business

Homesick For A Place

I Feel Like Dancing

I'll Be So Glad

In My Father's Footsteps

In That Land

In Time Of Need

It's No Problem With God

Jesus Will Make A Way

Lord Not My Will

Oh What A Way To Go (Written w/ Kimberly Hartl)

Protected By His Blood

Reason To Shout

Stand Your Ground

Supreme Sacrifice

Take It From Here

Take Me To The Place Of Grace

The Difference Is Jesus

Watch Therefore

Recorded Songs.

© 2020 Debbie L Davis /

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